Conducting case in court


Currently, taking into consideration an enormous legislative framework and the importance of a qualified legal support for activities of the companies and legal entities, courtroom representation, namely, the services of the legal expert, gains popularity. Practicallyany person for its legitimate rights protection can require solicitation service. It is important to select a real skilled practitioner, many of whom work in our company. A qualified lawyer will help to draw up a statement to the court or will handle a case independently. Need for a representative to attend court Courtroom representation and legal services are required in many situations, namely:
  • the applicant has not reached the age of 18 years or is a disabled person;
  • lack of a possibility of personal attending court, including for health reasons;
  • lack of willingness to attend court in session due to moral and ethical principles;
  • lack of confidence in strength of the position.

The representative functions in a court

Solicitation involves accomplishment of a big set of functions. The cost of courtroom representation is established on the basis of function list. The representative’s general set of objectives includes:
  • familiarization with the case materials;
  • sending required requests for successful resolution;
  • collection of documents;
  • direct participation in the court session.
The special authorities of the representative include the signature and lodging a legal application, the presentation of the specific claims and its waiver, the right to appeal from a judgment, conclusion of a voluntary settlement and other functions. Our company maintains solicitation both in the courts of general jurisdiction and in arbitration. In any case, the skilled representative shall guarantee full confidentiality, protection of the customer's interests, which is the rule of our company.

The cost for the representative's services in court

Taking into consideration the importance of the cases in hand, the interests protected by the lawyer, the cost of the solicitation is quite high. The cost of the representative's services at arbitration tribunal depends, including without limitation, on amount of the claim, the case complexity in general. Representation in an arbitration tribunal, the cost of the services of a qualified lawyer generally is of great importance for the individual, including by criterion of pecuniary benefit. Therefore, payment for such services is appropriate.

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