Court and Arbitration


A lawyer's help in court may be needed, both for a private person and for an entrepreneur, who finds himself in a difficult position and tries to protect his interests. Our company is ready to represent your interests in arbitration and referees courts, guaranteeing a qualitative result and maximum protection within the law.

Tasks performed by the arbitration court

The services of a lawyer in an arbitration court are always needed, this will help to defend their civil rights. At the moment the arbitration court performs the following tasks:
  • Defends the legitimate or challenged rights of persons conducting entrepreneurial or other activities that are directly related to financial matters;
  • Ensures the availability and ubiquity of litigation for people carrying out economic activities;
  • Public proceedings under the current legislation. The consideration of litigation and taking a decision shall be taken within the allotted time. Legal services in the arbitration court will be needed for both parties of the conflict to represent their interests legitimately;
  • Promotes the formation of respect for the law and the inevitability of punishment for committing an offense.
Arbitration court functions include:
  • Settlement of disputes between parties during their business activities or any other type of activity that involves a financial aspect;
  • Maintaining statistics on the cases examined, their characteristics, setting precedents;
  • Facilitating the prevention of a violation of the law, which will be implemented economically or otherwise;
  • Making connections at the international and regional level, according to the set rules.

How can a lawyer help in court?

The help of a lawyer in court can be irreplaceable, because a person who knows the law well can protect his client and achieve a positive effect, the triumph of the law and the punishment of the guilty. Legal services in the court of Moscow will not cost cheap, but you will be guaranteed to be able to protect your financial interests and attract a person who violates the rights or conditions of the transaction to accountability, to force him to pay the damages. The cost of services in the arbitration court can be viewed on our website in the section with prices. We have as much as possible a capacious description of the services provided and attached a price list. If necessary, you can contact us and clarify the question interesting you.

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