Your Lawyer Legal Center was founded in 1994, in a period of serious reform of the economic model of the post-Soviet government during the development and adoption of global market reforms. Since its inception, Your Lawyer has actively assisted entry of foreign investors in the emerging Russian market. Your Lawyer was one of the first to promote the accreditation of foreign companies at a time when there was no developed legislation on foreign investments in the Russian Federation. That’s why the Company has rich and unique experience of interaction with foreign investors, the geography of which is more than 50 countries.
Your Lawyer took part in the first exhibition LAW — EXPO 1999, during which was presented by Diploma of the then Minister of Justice Pavel Krasheninnikov. Also, since the late 1990s, Your Lawyer was a permanent member of the London Economic Forum, right up until the end of these meetings.
In 2004, the partners of the company Sergey Melnikov and Anatoly Bolsunovsky wrote the book for foreign investors. In the same year, Your Lawyer together with Aeroflot published the book titled «The foreigner in Russia. 100 questions and answers «, where, among others, were such issues as: entry and exit of foreigners in Russia — namely, questions of business creation, dispute resolution, administrative and other foreigners responsibility, issues of redress, taxation, issues related to family law, when one of the spouses is a foreigner, etc. This publication is distributed in Aeroflot offices in more than 30 countries, and was immediately on board flights of Aeroflot. Later, in 2005, it was decided to publish expanded edition of the book in Russian «Foreigner in Russia. 100 Questions, 100 Answers «(published by» GrossMedia «), which was reprinted in a larger number of copies in a year.
Almost simultaneously with the publication of the book by the Legal Center Your Lawyer has been developed practical guide «Taxation in Russia» and «Law in Russia» on the instructions of the client company, «Hock accountancy Training» and the College of the UK, providing training and workshops in Russia for the company PricewaterhouseCoopers.
The logic of business has led to the fact that at the moment there is a group of companies Your Lawyer, a member company’s Audit Standard, dealing with issues of accounting and audit tracking, established in 1996 and since then has successfully operated in the audit.
Over the years, with 2000’s Your Lawyer is a member of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Finnish-Russian Chamber of the Association of European Businesses in Russia. We actively participate in all activities of public organizations, conduct lectures and seminars on various topics in Russia and abroad. At the end of ratings, conducted by the rating agency Expert RA, Your Lawyer is among the 100 largest consulting companies in Russia.
From 1999 to 2008, Your Lawyer had an office in the UK in London. From 2004 to 2008, opened an office in St. Petersburg. Currently these offices are closed.
It so happens that Your Lawyer one of the first to make a work permit for foreign experts working in Russian companies, so far this area is a significant component of our practice. Since 1996 our partner Sergei Melnikov is an expert in this area, as evidenced by the publication of such books as Russian Journal, Russian Focus, Moscow Times, the Bulletin of the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce, Economics and Life Edition «Foreign capital in Russia «, etc.
At present the stories of a group of companies your attorney suggests that we have assisted more than 500 organizations in more detail about which you can learn from a section of the website «Our Clients».

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