Judicial recovery of probate inheritance timeline for acceptance of inheritance

Restoring the period for acceptance of the inheritance: we appeal to the court accompanied by professionals Recognition of the right of inheritance after expiration of the time limits established by the legislation is a complex, but far from isolated precedent in judicial practice. However, when considering such cases, it is possible to obtain a positive decision of the Court only if the claim for restoring the period for the acceptance of the inheritance is made correctly, a justification of the reasons and necessary documents confirming them has been prepared.

Assistance in pre-trial preparation

The lawyers of the Your Lawyer legal center provide a comprehensive servicefor preparingof judicial review of the claim for restoring the period for the acceptance of the inheritance, in which the specialist will do the following:
  • hold a primary consultation - find out the circumstances that led to the missed deadlines and determine the list of necessary documents;
  • draw up aclaim the restoration of the period of acceptance of the inheritance and the necessary requests;
  • will assist in obtaining the necessary documents in the governmental and non-governmental services and authorities.

Representation of interests in the court hearing

In our company you can order a servicefor representing the interests of the plaintiff in a court hearing. When delegating powers, the lawyer of the Your Lawyer legal center in the court session:
  • will familiarize the Court with the essence of the appeal;
  • professionally substantiate the reasons for the Court, that have led to the omission of the terms of claiming the rights to inheritance, in the most beneficial aspect for the principal;
  • control the observance of the rights of the principal during the hearing;
  • explain to the client the decision of the Court.
Using the services of a professional lawyer to prepare claims and legal support in the court hearing, you significantly increase your chances that the court considers positivelyyour claim for restoring the period for acceptance of the inheritance

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