Registering a right of title of heirs with the Rosreestr

Legal assistance in registering the property right of the heir

The service for registering the property right by the heir is provided to persons who, on the basis of a law or will, were heirs of property, for the acquisition of ownership over which an official registration is required (immovable, motor transport, etc.).

What does the service include?

Our assistance consists in the collection and preparation of documents, the presence of which requires the registration of the ownership of the heir, the preparation of applications, its subsequent submission to the Rosreestr or other state bodies. Throughout the process of state registration of property rights, we inform the client about the actions being taken, give explanations and legal advice. The lawyer-client relationship assumes full transparency of actions.

Advantages of the services of a lawyer to independently resolving the issues

The current legislation provides a list of cases in which registration of property will be refused. This is not only legal facts, but also errors in documents, including the errors in application for registration. Our job is to save you from mistakes. Applying to our lawyers will let you avoid the problems.

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