Judicial recognition of the right of title for inheritable property

How to get your inheritance legally

Recognition of ownership for inherited property is one of the most common types of litigation. Do you have any difficulties or unforeseen situations that require competent resolution? Specialists of the legal center "Your Lawyer", using the accumulated experience, will help you to bring any business to the result, the most beneficial to the customer.

What is the help of professionals

The need to recognize ownership for inherited property in court appears in the absence of inheritance documents, errors in them or disagreements between heirs and other legal entities and individuals. Our lawyers, strictly in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, will:
  • give consultations on all emerging issues;
  • support during the court session;
  • represent the principal in the courts;
  • receive a court decision and register the inheritance in the state registry for the heir.

We are trusted not in vain

The services of "Your Lawyer" legal center have already been used by hundreds of clients. Thanks to the efforts of our lawyers, most cases were decided in favor of the customer without unnecessary hassle. Appreciate your time, contact the professionals!

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