Receipt of the Certificate of inheritance (Certificate of the right of inheritance)

How to obtain a certificate of inheritance

The certificate of inheritance, the terms of receipt of which are approved by law (during 6 months since the date of death of the testator), is not a guarantee that the person already owns the property specified in this document. There are still long bureaucratic procedures that can take a lot of time and nerves. Specialists of the legal center "Your Lawyer" will provide qualified assistance, and you can live peacefully, not being afraid that the property can be taken away.

List of services offered

The lawyers of our company, having familiarized themselves with the complicated situation that has arisen in your life, will offer the following types of services:
  • will consult on all issues that arise during the receipt of the certificate of inheritance, the cost and order of registration of which are individual in each case;
  • help in drawing up an application to a notary, processing of accompanying documents;
  • assist in obtaining duplicates of required documents in case of loss of originals;
  • will re-register the inherited property to the new owner. The choice of the organization for circulation is carried out depending on the type of property received.

What the client gets in the end

With our help, you will have legally well-formed documents that will confirm your ownership rights for the movable or immovable property. If you have any questions you should bear in mind that timely request for specialists will help you to get the maximum benefit in this situation. We value our customers, therefore we do everything we can to fulfill our obligations in a qualitative and timely manner. The "Your Lawyer" company will help you solve the problems with inheritance quickly and legally!

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