Inheritance Law

Inheritance law

Registration of inheritance rights - the process of application, confirmation and receipt of a documentary conclusion on the lawful acceptance of the inheritance, by applying to a notary. Notarial registration of inheritance rights is carried out with the purpose of reception of the inheritancecertificatewhich confirms a possession of the property specified in the document. Applying to"Your Lawyer" legal center you will receive a qualified legal advice and assistance in registering the inheritancerights. Our specialists will tell you about the stages of the procedure, will give a list of necessary documents and help to get a corresponding certificate.

Execution of inheritance rights

The procedure for registering inheritance rights when applying to our legal center is as follows:
  • Application to the notary.
  • Collection of necessary documents.
  • Providing documents to the notary.
  • Obtaining a certificate within the time limits specified by law.
In case you have an inheritance abroad, the registration of inheritance rights should also begin with the submission of an application and the submission of documents to our notary. He will issue a certificate with an Apostille, which will give you the right to act with respect to the legacy abroad and will consult on further stages of registration of the inheritance.

Judicial protection of inheritance rights

Very often there are disputes concerning the inheritance or its part, which are resolved in the order of judicial proceedings. Our lawyer on inheritance law will help to make the lawsuit correctly, collect the necessary documents and evidence, taking into account the terms of the claim, etc. If you need protection of inheritance rights in court, our lawyers will appeal to the judicial authorities, represent and protect your interests during the proceedings and control the implementation of the court decision by bailiffs and other participants in the process.

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