Notice (labour contracts conclusion/cancellation, fulfilment of payroll payment obligations to Highly qualified specialists and etc.)

Labor legislation is aimed at protecting the rights of both employees and employers. For this purpose, there are a number of norms in the laws of the Russian Federation that determine the procedure for employment, the labor process and dismissal from work. Foreign citizens are also subject to the requirements of legislation. Let's first understand what the sequence of the employer's actions when concluding an employment contract with a foreigner. Before recruiting such a specialist, if you have not previously dealt with this matter, we advise you to consult the lawyers of the center "Your Lawyer" in order to avoid mistakes. The current legislation obliges the employer to notify the migration service when starting work with a foreigner and signing an employment contract.
In case of termination of the employment contract of a foreigner with the employer, it is necessary to send a notice to this Federal Migration Service. State bodies are notified of dismissal in cases when a person breaks an employment contract at his own request, when the term of permits for residence in the country ends, or because the job is not in compliance. Regardless of the situation, it is very important not to forget to inform the civil service and the beginning of the employment relationship, and about their completion. Do not get confused in legal aspects and regulations will help specialists of "Your Lawyer", because the failure to provide data on the conclusion of the employment contract and notice is not compliance with the law. Do not forget about the sanctions that the employer expects in case of violation of migration legislation, but with the help of our legal center you can be calm and confident in the correctness of each document.
Legislation of RF obliges to notify the state bodies about the conclusion of the employment contract. This is done to protect the interests of each party to the employment contract. Such documents must be made in writing in order to preserve the grounds for starting work in a particular position. Very often such a notification is issued in the form of an employment order, which the worker must necessarily familiarize with. If for some reason this did not happen, and a conflict with the employeearise, then professional lawyers can do nothing. The process of termination of the employment contract and notification of the employeeis very important. The state clearly defined the deadlines for notification of the future termination of the employment contract.
Any dismissal and termination of an employment contract can cause a conflict between the former employee and his employer. Such conflict situations require the intervention of a third party, and our company "Your Lawyer" is ready to represent your interests at any stage of the dispute settlement. In practice, notice of the dissolution of a fixed-term employment contract ahead of time, a civil-labor contract or an indefinite contract is not very different. Only the reason for the termination of working relations can change.
After the termination of any legal relationship with the employer, the employee receives information on the payment received from the former employer in the form of a relevant notification. The employee also receives a notification of the conclusion or termination of the employment contract for the employment service. Even in the most difficult cases of violation of the employee's labor rights, we will help you. If the injured party is an employer - do not doubt, the vast experience of our specialists will protect your interests!

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