Work permit for highly qualified specialists


At present Russia leans over backward to surge in development, both technical and economic. Within this framework, many enterprises are in dire need of highly qualified personnel, including from abroad. They need to execute a labor permit for HQS and conclude a contract with the employer for the registered employment. “Your Lawyer”Group of companies provides the full range of legal services. Operation with the migration law and assistance to people who wish to be employed in Russia stand high in our activity. Our employees will competently describe you how to execute a labor permit for HQScorrectly or, on the contrary, how to cancel it. Our law center has established close ties with many companies that are ready to bring into the fold foreign HQS. It is easy to conclude an employment contract in this case, since we solve any difficulties with the documents quickly and without delay.

What rights does the holder of the labor permit for HQS obtain?

During placement, an alien signs the employment agreement with the employer similarly to the citizens of the Russian Federation. The validity term of labor permit for HQS is equal to the validity term of the employment agreement, but doesn't exceed 36 months. At the same time it can easily be extended for more three years.

Key features of the document:

  • The law imposes requirements regarding the minimum earnings - 2 million rubles per year.
  • Registration at the tax authorities - is the employer's company responsibility.
  • A set of documents for obtaining of the labor permit for HQS for aliens is to be prepared in a simplified form.
  • There is no necessity for you to obtain quotas or permissions for employment.
  • HQSis entitled to execute a residence permit in Russia, not only for himself but for family members as well.
  • Payment of voluntary medical insurance of the employee is the responsibility of the employer.
  • A detailed employer's report on salary payment.
  • Prolongation of the labor permit for HQS can take place unlimited number of times.
  • Possibility to work in several regions of Russia.

Peculiarities of obtaining of the labor permit for HQS in Moscow and the required documents

Among the clients of the law center “Your Lawyer” there are both foreign citizens from the states with which the Russian Federation maintains a visa regime and those for which visa is not required. “Your Lawyer”prepares any documents in the shortest possible terms: 2 working weeks from the date of submission to the Directorate General for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation - and you are handed in the labor permits for HQS! The state authorities of the Russian Federation are very demanding regarding the availability of the full set of documents required by the law. Sometimes the absence of only one document, or ignorance of the small nuances of the process, compels foreign HQS to attend official authorities two or three times. “Your Lawyer”will help you to avoid unpleasant errors in the preparation of documents to get a labor permit. Our basic task is to adjust a document control so that you could get started as soon as possible.

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