Work permit for foreign citizens arrived to the RF on the grounds of visa (with granting preliminary permit to employ foreign labour force)


There is no secret that any foreigner, who plans to stay for a long time and get a job in Russia is obliged to obtain a number of documents. For the foreign citizens who stay in the Russian Federation territory by visa, it is obligatory to execute and obtain a labor permit.

Appearance and features of the labor permit

The government of the Russian Federation determines the need for a foreign labor force, which arrival is expected, to have a positive impact on the country's flourishing. The country's development trends, the material-and-technical level of prosperity, the demographic setting are taken into account. The needs of the major enterprises and establishments are being analyzed as well, particularly in those branches where there is a shortage of personnel. However, in order to employ migrants, the enterprise must foster a number of efforts, including submission of documents and quota execution.

Important special aspects of the labor permit:

  • Labor permit is a plastic card, both sides of which contain important information regarding its owner (personal information, occupation) and the document itself (the validity term and area, the authority that has issued it).
  • Labor permit is also required for the business activities. In this case, the foreigners are registered as individual entrepreneurs.
  • A plastic card is issued only to the foreigners who stay in the Russian Federation on the basis of a visa. It is important that the citizens of other states who have arrived to Russia without a visa and are going to earn money are filing a patent.
  • Prohibition of foreigners’employment without labor permit.
Labor permit is not merely a priority condition for persons interested to take a vacant position in staff of the Russian company, but also the guarantee that you will be able to defend your rights on the territory of the Russian Federation. The document will protect its owner from many problems, make it possible to receive a fair wage and talk on paripassu basis with the employer. The staff of the law center “Your Lawyer”, will answer the main question - where one can execute the labor permit for a foreign citizen, will inform regarding the cost and the terms of its obtaining. We are very well guided in the nuances of legislation, always track its current changes. We will quickly prepare a full set of documents for a foreign citizen both for obtaining a labor permit and for its prolongation.

How and where to obtain a labor permit for a foreign citizen in the shortest possible term?

Currently the Directorate-General for Migration of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is the authority responsible for issuing a labor permit. The list of mandatory documents is strictly prescribed by law and is very profound, but the absence of at least one of the paper may result in a refusal to obtain a card. We, literally, have in mind by heart all the obstacles which any visitor wishing to find a work can face, owing to our 20-years-activity. We also are aware where public authorities are particularly vigilant in monitoring compliance with the law, and where they are more loyal. We're happy to describe you all these small and considerable nuances of the permit execution. “Your Lawyer” will assist you to avoid misleading mistakes and exhausting visiting authorities, to submit all the documents on the first trysuccessfully. Of course, the preparation of any document takes sufficient time, but we will reduce the terms to the minimum possible period - 30 days (or even less), upon which the permit is to be completed.

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