Execution/prolongation of Russian visas

Professional assistance in obtaining and prolonging visas

A foreign citizen wishing to visit Russia should have appropriately issued a Russian visa allowing to stay at the territory of the state. Foreigners have the right to enter and remain on Russian territory only if they have documents that certify their identity, that contain a valid visa. Registration of a Russian visa is not required for citizens of those states with which Russia has concluded a visa-free regime, and also foreigners living in the Russian Federation by residence permit.

What you need to get

Getting a Russian visa for foreigners is one of the activities of the Legal Center "Your Lawyer". With our help, there were received documents that give the right to stay in Russia for guests from more than 30 countries. The services of our lawyers are used by many domestic organizations and individuals. The procedure for issuing a Russian visa may differ depending on the purpose of the visit, the citizenship of the guest, the planned period of stay in the Russian Federation. To obtain this document, which gives the right of a citizen of another state to enter the territory of the Russian Federation, to stay there for a specified period of time, after which to leave the country, he must provide:
  • an invitation. It serves as the basis for granting him a visa at a Russian consulate abroad. Can be issued both by a private person, and by a legal organization. Like visas, invitations vary depending on the purpose of the trip;
  • a consular questionnaire;
  • photo;
  • foreigner's passport.
The lawyers of the legal center "Your Lawyer" will help in the professional registration of the visa in order to avoid possible mistakes that can attract the attention of immigration control.

Types of visas

This type of documents can be different in its multiplicity (multiple, double, single), and also the visa is classified depending on the purposes of the visit and the probable period of stay in the state:
  • tourist - issued for a period of not more than 30 days, most often, it is single, rarely - twice;
  • working - is issued for the period of the employment agreement, but not more than 1 year. The first time is drawn up for up to ninety days, after which the employer must file documents for the extension of the Russian visa;
  • private (or guest);
  • transit;
  • business visa (or business visa) - it is issued for a period of up to one year;
  • student - give it out for one year, when transferring to a subsequent course, you have to create a new one.
The term for issuing a Russian visa is from one to three weeks, depending on its type and on the state in which the visa application was filed. In some cases, visas are issued urgently during 1-3 days. Legal center "Your Lawyer" will help everyone who needs the issuing, the extension of the Russian visa in Moscow. We will promptly provide advice, collect and arrange the documents required when obtaining a visa by a foreign citizen. We are waiting for regular and new customers!

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