Execution of invitation letters to visit the RF

The easiest way to issue documents for entry to the territory of Russia isfor those foreign citizens who already have contracts for work in the country. It is also not difficult to receive invitations to the Russian Federation with the help of travel companies and to arrange a tourist trip around the country. The situation with private trips for foreign citizens is completely different. In case you are a foreign citizen and you need to issue an invitation to enter the Russian Federation, contact the legal center "Your Lawyer".
Specialists of our center can consult you on the procedure for issuing invitations to enter the territory of the Russian Federation. If you have relatives who live in other countries and are not citizens of the Russian Federation, we will help you to issue documents for their entry in our country.
Invitation can be issued correctly providing that there isa host party: legal entity or individual - citizen of Russia. For a man in the street it is a rather labor-intensive process of gathering information and going through state structures. Applying for help in "Your Lawyer" you can save your time and energy. Our specialists can advise you online or by phone at a time convenient for you. We are always responsive to every client.
If you are wondering whether it is worth asking for help from lawyers, do not hesitate. Strictly set deadlinesfor paperwork make gettingthe invitation a tricky challenge. For those cases when the speed of receiving an invitation is important, mistakes in documents are simply not permissible. Professional lawyers who specialize in migration legislation will prepare all the requests and will apply to the Migration Service. The company "Your Lawyer" is a reliable assistant in solving any legal issues!

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