Registration of amendments to the Constituent documents


If a company operates in the market safely and successful, with the lapse of time surely there comes the moment when changes are in process in its “life”. For instance, the company has moved to another legal address or the owner does not like the name of the company and he wishes to change it, the company expands the scope of activities and appends new OKVED codes, branches/offices are opened or, on the contrary, closed. Any of these adjustments makes the company's account department facing the inevitable fact that alterations to the Founding documents must be make and recorded.

Amendatory process

The registration of alterations to the founding documents of LLC is carried out at the IFTS authority at the locality where the company is registered. However, the amendatory process only seems to be simple and prompt, in fact it includes a number of mandatory procedures:
  • Drafting of minutes of general shareholders meeting, which records the founders intention to amend the Founding documents;
  • Collection and submission of the necessary documentation to the formal authority with the prior payment of fee for the amendments registration to the founding documents;
  • In case the legal due diligence is successful, the amendments are recorded;
  • It is necessary to notify all the authorities for which the information regarding making amendments is important.

Liability for violation of the amendment procedure

The law is very harsh in respect to registration of alterations and requires that the tax authorities be notified within three days. And sanctions in the event of violation of this requirement are considerable: the penalty in the amount of 50 minimum statutory monthly pays, and in the case of repeated and flagrant violations, it's possible to come to filing a claim to the court and even to the winding up of a company. There are a number of nuances and subtleties both in the correct documents and in the procedure of filing them to the tax authorities. Errors made during the registration of amendments to the founding documents of a legal entity may result in undesirable consequences: refusal to register and loss of time, additional financial losses in the form of repayment of state duty. “Your Lawyer”agency offers you legal assistance both in the process of execution of the necessary documents to make amendments to the founding documents and in the official registration of these amendments. We in detail and in an understandable fashion advise clients on these issues in details, we can perform an expert examination of the prepared documents regarding compliance with the law. If you wish to save precious working hours and make sure that the amendment process is accomplished in strict compliance with the law, we are ready to undertake the entire process of registering amendments. We will promptly and correctly prepare set of documents, we will independently pay the duty, and we'll register all amendments at the tax authorities by proxy, releasing you from standing in queues. An intelligent legal support is a key to your company's success!

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