Primary registration of organization


Organization establishmentand registration are the first and most important stages in the company's “life”. “As you will call the ship, so it will float”, - as the famous captain Vrungel said. Within the framework of registration of a new company, this phrase acquires a much wider meaning than just choosing the correct name for the future business. Modern legislation during the company incorporation procedure provides the founders an opportunity to determine how the establishment will continue to operate. The choice of business legal structure, taxation systems and OKVED codes, the formation of the charter capital - these and other nuances, which the owner must finally determine by the time of registration of the company - will directly affect the success of the company. Legislation provides sufficiently powerful capabilities of the respective choice and, to ensure againstsad mistakes in resolution of such important issues, we offer you the services of a lawyer associated with a corporate law.

Registration of enterprise as a property complex

In addition to the nuances listed above, founding members and Director-General, legal address and size of the authorized capital must be determined in the process of registration of a legal entity. One of the most important key elements of success in the process of company creation is a properly prepared business charter, since errors in its composition can also lead to further elimination of a legal entity. Therefore, you must have the following set of documents to register a new enterprise:
  • the company's Charter;
  • decision company establishment;
  • application according to form 11001;
  • application for the simplified tax system (if necessary);
  • document confirming payment of the national duty.
Provided the documentation is correct, you are to receive an enterprise certificate of incorporation within 5 business days, confirming that the newly created company is recorded in USRLE. However, it's not the completion of the procedure yet, and it's obligatory to visit a number of instances for inquiries reception and posting to the accounts: to tax inspection, State Committee on Statistics, funds (pension, social insurance, etc.), bank to open the settlement account. One should not forget about a seal preparation.

Legislation Company Services at corporate law

Establishment of a company begins well before registration of a legal entity in public authorities. Having addressed for consulting to “Your Lawyer” at the stage of a new company planning you will be able to obtain the most relevant and reliable legal information, to understand deeply and completely pros and cons of different business legal structures and tax systems. We will get a better ratio of different business settings of your business activityamong many alternatives provided by law. “Your Lawyer” provides a full range of services on registration of enterprise in Moscow (LLC,JSC, non-profit organizations, unitary enterprises). We promptly prepare even the most complex accounting and legal documents. To draw up the Charter unimpeachably in such a way that it would not require to be supplemented for a long time and particularly to be corrected - it is an entire science mastered by our employees in all the subtleties. More than 20 years of a successful legal experience enable us to guarantee that the prepared by us documents will inevitably be accepted and on the first try, and thus the terms of the company's registration would be minimal. The services on registration of small-sized enterprises in Moscow, as well as the registration of a private subsidiary, are among the most requested in this field, that's why “Your Lawyer” provides them at acceptable price. We understand that a new company requires significant capital infusions. We are also ready to provide you with all-round legal support if you wish to purchase a ready-made business: from the preparation of an agreement on purchase and sale of a unitary enterprise/corporation to its state registration. Create new ideas for business and earnings competently!

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