Professional liquidation of the enterprise without risks and at favorable price

«YourLawyer» Group of companies has been developed since 1994. Our specialistshave gained experience on liquidation of legal entities. Our competent employees know all secrets of preparation and paperwork. You need entrustthe liquidation of the enterprise to the specialists of firm, because a small mistake can lead to criminal responsibility of founders or sale of their property from an auction. «Your Lawyer» helps you to avoid undesirable effectsand to liquidate with minimum material and labor costs.We’llquickly and legally tell you all details of process of the firm liquidation.Themanagers who have at least once undergone the liquidation process in the past will get rid of the complicated document circulation and visitingauthorities.In any case our group will become an assistant in a difficult situation.

What is a firm liquidation?

Our country make up almost 4,5 million legal entities. More than 90% make Limited Liability Company (LLC). Every day new commercial organizations are appeared. Every day the companies are liquidated - their work ceases, but no obligations are transferred to the third parties. The commercial organizations are excludedfrom the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Such procedure may be conduct provided that the owners can pay off creditors. Our experts will tell you in details under what conditions the liquidation of the company is possible. There are number of organizational features that are used for closing PJSC, CJSC, and LLC. Liquidation of self-employed entrepreneur is madeunder simplified procedure. There are compulsory and alternative liquidations, bankruptcy and corporate restructuring.

The main stages of LLC solvent liquidation

  • The founders and owner make a decision on liquidation of legal entities, and then this information is published in media.
  • The commercial firm sends the deregistration statement and gets certificates of no arrears.
  • The firm repays to creditors.
  • LLCcoordinates and approves the liquidating balance with the registration authority.
  • The act of liquidation is documented.
  • Bank accounts are closed, stamps are destroyed. The actual stop of commercial activities and exclusion from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities is the result of the company closure.

Benefits fromcooperation with «Your Lawyer» legal center

Prior to start the liquidation process, our specialists study client’s documentation in details.After all, despite the fact that the general procedure is specified in the law, nevertheless, each case of firm closure is individual. The competent employeescarry out an audit of the situation and develop a strategy on winding-up of the legal entity:
  • «Your Lawyer» will help you to avoid fines and additional inspections.
  • All official documents are prepared in accordance with the law.
  • «Your Lawyer» has been working more than 20 yearsin this sphere in Moscow.
  • We have objective prices of legal services.
  • We bear responsibility for result.

Cost of firm liquidation

At liquidation of enterprise the service cost is directly depended on financial status of the legal entity, bookkeeping and complexity of the tasks. The price for client is always individual.

Duration of the firm liquidation

The closing procedure does not exceed half a year. Small firms are liquidatedduring several months. LLC with junior debts are closed over a period of 4-5 months. Contact us – we will give you a free advice!

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