Drafting any types of contracts


The services of lawyers in drafting contracts will be acceptable primarily for entrepreneurs who do not have lawyers in their staff. The conclusion of contracts, the correctness of their registration and the legality of the content are one of the main "pillars" of entrepreneurial activity and do not do without it. Contracts are needed in all aspects of the work: the admission of an employee to work, the conclusion of a contract with a new client.

Varieties of contracts in business activity

The price of drawing up a contract directly depends on its type and features, which should be fixed in the text. Lawyers distinguish more than a dozen of different types of contracts, depending on their specifics. Consider the most popular of them:
  • Rent (premises, equipment);
  • Purchase and sale (goods, premises, equipment, services);
  • Construction contract;
  • Storage;
  • Insurance;
  • Leasing;
  • Investments;
  • And many other agreements.
It is worth paying special attention to the fact that each of the existing types of contracts is formalized in accordance with the established norms, which imposes special obligations on it. An incorrectly executed contract, with outright violations, will be declared invalid. For this reason, you need to use the service of drafting contracts, the cost of which is indicated on our website. If you did not find the right contract type in the price list, call us and we will clarify this point for you.

Obligatory elements of the contract

The cost of drawing up a contract in Moscow does not affect the quality of its writing. Regardless of the type of contract being drawn up, the specifics of the parties, requirements and obligations. This document must include the main sections:
  • The so-called introductory part, it is often called the preamble;
  • Detailed disclosure of the subject of the agreement;
  • Clear formulation of the basic or full responsibilities of the parties, their rights;
  • Basic data on the financial side of the issue;
  • Full list of additional conditions for cooperation. All of them should be clear without any vague wording;
  • Supporting information affecting the total number of signed copies and other technical points;
  • Bank details and other important data provided by both parties to the document signing;
  • Signatures binding the agreement and acting as a confirmation of everything that was said above.

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