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Legal expertise of civil law contracts is used to confirm mutual rights and obligations of the parties. At the present stage, the legislative framework presupposes many requirements for appearance of the documents and its form. Failure to comply with these rules can make them invalid, and, consequently, the conditions stipulated in them. The legal expertise service implies the ability of a specialist to check in advance how legitimate the transaction is and whether the documents are issued properly. Legal expertise will help to make the contract legal and will insure you against unexpected troubles.

Cases requiring legal expertise

Legal expertise of the loan agreement is needed not only to check the reliability of its partner, but also to confirm its legality. It is recommended to conduct it in the following cases:
  • For large and important transactions that involve the transfer of property or part of it in the terms of the contract;
  • Conclusion of transactions that involve long-term financial cooperation;
  • Signing of contracts of a mixed type, which involve interaction of the two parties for a long period of time, bilateral fulfillment of the list of obligations;
  • Conclusion of contracts that are not directly regulated by the legislative framework;
  • Provided that the draft of a contract is made only by one party, without the direct participation of the second party;
  • Conclusion of contracts on thematic issues using a model agreement.
Not all companies have a lawyer. In such cases, you need to use the services of a qualified specialist with extensive experience in providing such services, the cost of legal expertise of the contract is listed on our website.

What does the legal expertise consist of

A legal expertise of a contract includes the following components:
  • examination of the contracts, supplements, additional agreements by lawyer;
  • raising the questions about the main issues before the examination;
  • initial examination, which includes confirmation that the document does not contain errors in design and wording, therefore it can be considered correctly drawn up and prepared for the signature;
  • Elimination of semantic inaccuracies and other lengthy formulations in the text;
  • Analysis in the context of legislation. The expert should be convinced that no rights of any of the parties are violated, the requirements and type of activity will not violate the normative and legal acts and freedoms of people;
  • The procedure of making the report, which will contain all the information on how well the contract is made, what remarks, what needs to be corrected and how the conclusion should look, provided that the applicable laws are observed. A legal expertise of the contract must be carried out until the moment of signing, because when the parties sign the document they will automatically agree with all the wording, inaccuracies and conditions that could put them in an unpleasant situation.
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Cost of services

Legal expertise of contracts is included in the list of services provided by our company. In the relevant section of the website, you can get acquainted with the full list of services offered, the company's activities, as well as prices. If you have any questions, just contact us by phone or leave a request on the website.

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