Contract Law

Business relations are made in the form of contracts. And this is absolutely correct, because the contract implies a clear prescription of the rights and obligations of the parties. Contracts with foreign companies are especially important. Not every entrepreneur has a specialist in international contract law in his staff, and business development requires cooperation with foreign partners. It is for such cases that "Your Lawyer" legal center will always help to properly arrange any contractual relations, also in English.
Our company will be able to monitor the correct implementation of the terms of contract. Violations of contract law can occur if:
  • one actions or inaction of one party lead to the impossibility of fulfilling the terms of the contract by the other party;
  • for some reason, the obligations of one party by the contract stated are not fully satisfied;
  • there is a complete failure to comply with the contract.
The lawyers of "Your Lawyer" legal centerwill be able to conduct the preparation of contracts in the shortest possible time in English, taking into account the legislation of another country.
Drawing up a foreign trade contract on the basis of international law should be trusted only to real professionals. The experience of "Your Lawyer" legal centerin working with the legislation of other countries and carrying business is impressive! More than 20 years of successful business in the international arena. Contact us for making a foreign trade contract and in return you will receive guarantees of meeting its terms and conditions, as well as accompanying all stages of the transaction. Specialists of our company are ready to provide assistance and legal advice on the preparation of contracts at any time.

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