Office 520, Block 2, Str. 12, Build. 1, the 8th of March Str., Moscow, 127083, TRIO Business Center


+7 (495) 280-11-03


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«County Airport, where Business Centre TRIO and our office is located, is one of the prestigious areas of Moscow. Infrastructure is well developed: there are universities, research institutes, many cinemas and shops. It is assumed that the area will soon become a sports oasis in the city — as soon as the reconstruction of the Dynamo stadium is finished. Not far from the stadium there is Petrovsky Palace, built for the rest of the Imperial family during their travelling to Moscow, and Petrovsky Park around the Palace. Airport county is also known for the fact that the Artists City in Verhnyay Maslovka str. is located here».

+7 (495) 280-11-03