Visa support of representative office/branch employees


There are a lot of reasons why foreign citizens want to enter Russia: higher education, tourist trips, work, transit through the territory of the country and much more. In today's world, Russia can be attributed to countries with fairly closed borders. Undoubtedly, there are a number of countries with which the Russian Federation has a visa-free regime (subject to a number of conditions, primarily on the date of stay and purpose of the visit): the CIS countries, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Peru, Venezuela, etc. However, the most part of foreign citizens are required to get a visa and other entry documents.

Types of visas for foreigners

In addition to the period for which visas are issued, they are classified primarily for the purpose of visiting the territory of Russia:
  • Tourist;
  • Working - for work and legal employment in the country;
  • Transit - for passage through the territory of the Russian Federation to another state;
  • Educational - for studying in higher educational institutions;
  • Guest - to visit relatives, friends, acquaintances.
Not all foreign citizens know that even an ordinary tourist will not be able to visit Russia on their own, an invitation (a so-called visa support) is required to obtain a visa. The invitation can be sent by the future employer, tour operator, citizen of the Russian Federation, educational institution. You can receive an invitation in paper form, by e-mail or by telex (special communication channel).

Procedure for obtaining a visa

To open any type of Russian visa it is necessary to collect and provide a package of documents to a foreign consulate or visa center. On average, the decision to issue a visa takes place within 10 days, but the procedure may take longer. There are also frequent cases of denial of a visa, the reason for which can be errors in the collected documentation, incorrectly issued questionnaire, incomplete set of documents. The cost of the visa itself depends primarily on the state where the foreign citizen resides. Do not forget that the most part of foreign citizens is obliged to register for the Migration Service at the place of residence within 7 days from the date of entry into the territory of the Russian Federation. After the expiry of the visa, the foreign citizen is obliged to leave the territory of the country. You can extend your visa, but for this you need to contact the FMS in advance with a package of documents confirming the need to stay in Russia. Otherwise, sanctions may be imposed on a foreigner from a fine to a deportation and a ban on entry. "Your Lawyer" is a multi-profile visa support center for foreigners, where you can quickly and conveniently solve any issues of migration law. We give brief and clear advice about the issuance of entry documents, including consultations onin a foreign languages. We will help to collect documents for a visa and receive an invitationas quickly as it possible, we know everything about opening a visa urgently. A separate area of our work is assistance in obtaining any documents for work and employment in the territory of the Russian Federation. If you already work in Russia, then "Your Lawyer"legal center provides visa support for employees in Moscow and the Moscow region, is involved in the extension of visas and work permits. Visiting and staying in Russia without problems is the dream of any foreigner! We are working hard to make this dream a reality for everyone. Call us by phone +7 (495) 280-11-03 and specify the cost of visa support.

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