Personal accreditation representative office/branch foreign employees


If you are going to establish a representative office of a foreign company or you have already started this procedure, it is likely that you will desire to involve employees from abroad. Legislation strictly enough monitors the activities of aliens in the territory of the Russian Federation hence, in order to avoid problems and financial sanctions, it is necessary to comply with all the necessary procedures for their arrangement of labor. In particular, legislation obliges the representation office to accredit a foreign employee prior to hiring him. What is more it is the branch’s responsibility, but not the privilege, i.e. the branch is prohibited to employ aliens without accreditation. Family members of such employees, in some cases, subject to accreditation as well. By the way, the citizens of the Russian Federation may also be required to undergo an accreditation procedure if they aspire to the position of Head of representation office/branch. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (RF CCI) is the government authority responsible for the personal accreditation. It is important to note that no more than 5 aliens can be employed in the representation office. In case a branch intends to hire employees from abroad in excess of quota, RF CCI will be required to justify this need, and only upon this it will grant a respective authorization.

The benefits of personal accreditation of branch foreign staff

Personal accreditation certifies that a foreign employeeresides and works in the territory of the Russian Federation legally. It is a replacement in kind for the labor permit, which is mandatory for other aliens. In addition, RF CCI renders assistance in obtaining visas and entry invitations for such employees. On the basis of personal accreditation, a certificate shall be issued to a foreign citizen, which validity term may not exceed the period of activity permit for the branch/representation office itself. It is possible to prolong accreditation, but this could be executed only after prolongation of activity permit for the branch itself. The certificate must be returned to the CCI in case of the employee's displacement from the branch, the branch itself is winded up, and in case of its replacement during prolongation.

Documents required forpersonal accreditation of branch foreign staff

Any execution of documents for aliens requires a good deal of time and efforts. A very massive set of documents must be collected by the branch in case of personal accreditation: branch details card and documents certifying its accreditation, a letter of request for accreditation, documents regarding employee (autobiographical details, photography, passport copy, etc.). In case there are several employees the workload increases exponentially. In order the accreditation process not would elongate for a few months (and this is realistic) and so that the invited aliens could start work as soon as possible and return a profit, “Your Lawyer” offers personal accreditation services to employees of foreign representation offices. We're going to take care in respect of documents collection, we'll forward papers to CCI, and we will monitor the process of issuing the certificates. We have repeatedly executed justification of aliens increase in number, and therefore, if necessary, we will be able to prepare relevant documents and obtain agreement with public authorities. “Your Lawyer”having 20 years of activity experience solves any issues of migration law quickly and without any problems!

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