Accreditation of foreign representative office/branch

Procedure for accreditation of a branch of a foreign company in Russia and the necessary documents

The Russian economy is an attractive and profitable segment for foreign investors. Today, many companies from all over the world want or are already planning to conquer the Russian market. Accreditation of a foreign branch or representative office is one of the easiest ways for a functioning foreign firm to conduct commercial activities in the segment of the Russian economy legally. in this case the parent company gets the opportunity to use all the tax and customs benefits that are prescribed and stipulated in the concluded agreements between the Russian Federation and the country of origin of the firm. There are also many other preferences that make working through an accredited representative office or branchprofitable: easy bookkeeping, tax incentives when renting premises, duty-free import of property for work, etc. Both a branch and a representative office are created in order to legalize the presence of a foreign company in Russia. However, choosing what to open after all - a branch or representative office - it is important to know about their fundamental differences. Representative office can fully represent the interests of the parent company, but it has no right to conduct commercial activities. The branch, on the other hand, can be engaged in business from the moment of its accreditation. There are more subtle differences in their work, which must be taken into account when deciding whether to accredit a branch or representative office.

Documents for the accreditation of branches of foreign legal entities

In order to collect the necessary package of documents for the accreditation of a branch or representative office, it is required to pass a rather complex preparatory procedure. After making a decision on opening, it is necessary to prepare a provision on representative office / branch, to give legal rights to its head. The parent company will be required to request: an extract from the trade register and the charter, documents confirming the solvency and the taxpayer's number. It is also necessary to receive letters of recommendation from Russian partners. At the same time, it is important to remember that any foreign documents need to be legalized or apostilled, and also to each one to attach a translation into Russian, certified by a notary.
The procedure for accreditation of a foreign branch / representative office may take 1-3 months. It is quite difficult to understand the cunning of Russian legislation at once, especially for foreign companies that are accustomed to working according to their own laws. Therefore, assistance in accreditation in this case is the best choice if you want to get a quick and reliable result. The company "Your Lawyer" has been successfully working on the market for more than 20 years, and our legal experience is the best guarantee that all documents will be prepared and assembled flawlessly and in the shortest possible time. We will tell you in detail about the differences between branch and representative offices and the subtleties of each of them, tax and customs advantages and benefits. We can safely entrust you with the whole process of accrediting a foreign branch / representative office: we guarantee not only the quality of work and efficiency, but also the minimal work and participation on the part of the customer. The services of the legal center "Your Lawyer" includes:
  • Collection and preparation of a package of necessary documentation for accreditation;
  • Legalization and apostilling, translation and notary services;
  • Obtaining a certificate in the units of the Federal Tax Service of Russia;
  • Registration with the tax authority and funds, assignment of statistical codes;
  • Opening a bank account;
  • Making a stamp;
  • Renewing the accreditation of a representative office of a foreign company;
  • Personal accreditation of foreign employees;
  • Full and comprehensive counselling.

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