To Foreign Legal Persons


Today many foreign companies seek to enter the Russian market and sell the goods and services actively on it. The reasons of are very simple: vast areas of the country and large population promise large-volume market and therefore future stability profits. Besides the competition on the Russian market is not always sharp as on European market that allows “beginners” to expect for a place under the sun.

Legal status

The accreditation of the representative offices(branch) of a foreign company you can compare with pass to the enclosed factory area. If a firm abroad has set the Russian market as a priority, however is not presented at it, the accreditation of the branchwill give start to the beginning of legal commercial activity in the territory of the country. Through the accreditation mechanism, the company confirms the official status on the Russian Federation territory and the branchgets powers to act on behalf of holding company. The range of activities that branchesare allowed to provide is significantly limited:
  • advertisement;
  • market situation survey;
  • advise on business and enterprise management;
  • legal affairs.

Representative office (branch) of the foreign company accreditation procedure

The accreditation of the branches and representative offices is a pre-condition of carrying out commercial activity and making of contracts for Foreign Legal Entities on the Russian Federation area.Today the authority, which carries out the functions on accreditation, are authorized divisions of Federal Tax Service of the RF. The procedure of accreditation of Foreign Legal Entities representative office is difficult and includes several important stages:
  1. To start the commercial activity the foreign firm is obliged to make a decision and document it.
  2. After a date of making decision the law gives to Foreign Legal Entities a year on preparation and filling into authorized authorityof several documents for representative office accreditation.
  3. The firm not just counts and clarifies the required amount of foreign employees inbranch, but alsocoordinates this amount in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.
  4. If you have collected all documents from the list, and officials are satisfied with its quality, then the state authorityshall within 25 days from the date of filling the application to introduce alterations to the Consolidated State Register of Representative Offices of Foreign Legal Entities accredited on the Russian Federation territory.
  5. Upon of the process the certificate with assigned accreditation record numberwill be issued.

“Your Lawyer”Group of companies – professional help to foreign entities and natural persons in any business

“Your Lawyer” has been providinglegal services to foreign entities and natural personsmore than 20 years. Down to the last detail we know the process of branches and representative offices. Our lawyers always know the changes and developments at law, which arise every day. At Client’s option we can offer consultations and to be charge with the accreditation process. "Your Lawyer" is a professional in the migration law. If futureemployees of the branch have the difficulties to get a visa or labor permit,if the workers failed to avoid pitfalls during the personal accreditation, "Your Lawyer" will solve these questions very quickly. Besides the accreditation of branches of Foreign Legal Entitieswe provide such services as extension of accreditation or closure of the representative offices, introduction of amendments to Consolidated State Register of Representative Offices of Foreign Legal Entities that are accredited on the Russian Federation territory. If you are still doubt to deal with accreditation on your own or address to experts it will be matter to know for you that to challenge dismissal of accreditation is possible only through court. It may be a lot of arguments for the refusal form the shortage of documents to the deadline for their filing Specialists of our company tell in detail about difficult legal questions. Our skilled lawyers well know the legislation of the Russian Federation; therefore they have had a lot of secure judgments behind. You may contact us by phone: +7 (495) 280-11-03, skilled lawyers will answer to your questions.

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