Verbal and written consultations

Verbal and written legal advice

Very often questions that need advice from a specific specialist arise in our life. Obtainingverbal and written legal advice sometimes necessary to protect yourself and your property from the infringement of third parties or for the proper execution of certain documents. At the same time, it is very important that the person himself understands the essence of what was stated in them, having seized a powerful legal instrument that guarantees his safety and confidence in the future.

Verbal legal advice

Having addressed to our experts, you can receive the answer to your questions, according to the legislation of RF. At the same time, the client's interests will be taken into account and an optimal solution will be determined in the current situation. Our advice is always based on the latest changes in the legislation and have a clear basis.

Written consultations

Sometimes there are situations when both verbal and written consultations are needed. In this case, the client receives an official written response, where specific recommendations on his case are given. At the same time, the analysis of the submitted documents is carried out and official inquiries can be directed to the relevant authorities. Such answer to your problem can always be re-read or used as a ready solution in certain cases.

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