Making claims of any nature


Sooner or later a physical personor legal entity has to face a claim. The document must be drafted clearly and competently, in compliance with the law. Do not know how to do this? Contact our company. Why should you contact our legal services center? Claim - an expression of dissatisfaction with the goods, services and demand for debt recovery, compensation of losses. In order to receive compensation.The document must be drafted with the help of an experienced lawyer. Our legal center is ready to provide assistance. Competent specialists have the necessary skills and many years of experience in drafting legal documentation.

Assistance in preparing the claim includes:

  • oral and written consultation;
  • analysis of provided documentation;
  • preparation and dispatch of the claim.
Pre-trial settlement of the dispute requires a professional approach. If you want to win a dispute, please contact us for help. Employees of the legal center "Your Lawyer" have experience in handling claim work. We will do everything to ensure that the claims of our customers are satisfied.

Cost of making a claim

The cost of drafting a pre-trial claim is from 2,500 rubles (depending on the complexity of the case). We will prepare the document during 1 day. Entrust all the hard work to us! How to use the services of our center? You can apply on our website. It will only be necessary to enter personal data, a mail box. Describe your problem, and qualified specialists of the center will answer your question in detail. You can also call us - the call is free. Our goal is to resolve legal issues and help everyone. "Your Lawyer" has helped many organizations, will help you too! Do not doubt!

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