Presenting expert opinions

Drawing up of expert opinions.

If you are not sure about the legal literacy of the contract or if you have any questions about possible risks arising in the course of its implementation, you should definitely contact the group of companies "Your Lawyer". Due to professional legal expertise, which our experts will carry out, you minimize possible risks and will be assured of the legal validity of your contract.

What is the scope of our activity?

The scope of activity of our company includes the preparation of an expert opinion on any types of contracts (preliminary, final, unilateral, mutually agreed, etc.). Our competence includes issues related to:
  • transactions related to the purchase and sale of real estate;
  • carrying out works and providing all kinds of services (transportation, various services, building contract, etc.);
  • trade relations between two or more subjects;
  • judicial practice;
  • customs activities, etc.

How do we profitably differ from other legal organizations?

There are a number of undeniable advantages, due to which we favorably differ from other companies rendering services in the field of contract examination:
  • highly qualified experts. All employees of our company without exception have a higher legal education and a long work experience in the field of normative and technical expertise of contracts;
  • the possibility of remote examination. You do not need to personally visit our company's office to make a legal review of your contract. At your service all means of Internet communications: e-mail, skype, etc. Send the draft contract through these means of the Internet, and we will draw up an expert report in the shortest possible time;
  • efficiency of processing the application for examination (the time limit for drawing up an expert opinion is not more than 5 working days);
  • individual approach to each client. We are seeking a compromise with each applicant: the terms of the examination and the cost of payment for services are separately discussed;
  • various methods and systems of payment for drawing up an expert opinion. Both cash and non-cash payment are welcome (plastic cards Visa, MasterCard). With the group of companies "Your Lawyer", the security of the transaction under the contract is under reliable protection.

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