Registering trademarks

Registration of trademarks

It is important for every entrepreneur that his goods are demanded by the consumer. After all, profit directly depends on this. And to make sure that his attention is paid to his product or service, it is necessary to create a recognizable image. A trademark is not just a means of individualization. Registration of rights to it provides legal protection to the owner. Becoming the owner of an official trademark, you and only you have the right to it. Legal Center “Your Lawyer” has great experience in this field. We provide trademark registration services from A to Z. We will consult, prepare and register your trademark.

What is it for

Registration of a commodity brand in our time is a necessary procedure. It will allow you to protect your brand from the point of view of the law. You will avoid its unauthorized use by competitors. And keep consumers' confidence in your products. If the logo is used without registration, then any businessman can easily use it. Thus, your reputation will fail. Our task is to save you from all possible risks. As soon as we register, no one uses your trademarkfor their own purposes: product labeling, service advertising, and others.

How to register

The first thing that the process begins with is an application for the registration of a trademark. Our experts carry out a check on the basis of Rospatent for the presence of similar designations. If such a trademark already exists, the system will immediately inform about it. Then you will need to choose a different name for your brand. So, the phased registration of trademarkin our legal center:
  • quick examination of the application;
  • checking the claimed logo for uniqueness;
  • determination of cost and terms of registration;
  • collection and compilation of necessary documentation;
  • application to Rospatent;
  • waiting for approval and issuance of a certificate for a trademark.
It is quite difficult to do this whole way on your own. Our center employs experienced and responsible specialists. They know their work and carry it out at the highest level.

Cost and terms

The cost and terms of registration of a trademark for all are individual. They depend on the volume of services. Of course, the official registration of a brand name from start to finish will cost more than partial assistance in this matter. Note that the patent attorney will register the trade mark much faster. First of all, our employees will accurately fill out all the forms. It is problematicto doindependently. Rospatent will not accept incorrectly filled documents. Secondly, they act exclusively in accordance with the current legislation. They know their business 100%. So, you will be sure of the success of the event! The cost of registration of a trademark in Moscow varies from company to company. We offer the most favorable price, but at the same time - high quality of services.

Why we

Legal Center Your Lawyer will protect your means of individualization. We will help you in the successful development of your business. We will register the trademark, and the price of our services will pleasantly surprise you.

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