Legalizing documents for foreign states (Apostille)

Citizens who traveled to the territory of a foreign state or those who arrived in our country may face the need for legalization of documents.

What for the legalization of documents is needed?

Legalization of documents is the legal recognition of documents of a foreign state. The purpose of legalization is the application of documents on the territory of another state. Legalization of documents of a foreign state is carried out by authorized bodies, depending on the type of document. The implementation of this procedure may be necessary for documents on education, documents of registry offices (birth certificates, marriage, divorce, death, etc.), court decisions, certificates of criminal records, notarial documents (applications, powers of attorney). A simpler version of legalization is the Apostille on the blank of the document. Apostille is a stamp that is placed on a document or on a separate sheet (attached to the main document) to confirm its validity. The Apostille mark is acceptable for the countries participating in the Hague Convention 1961. Depending on the situation, the document will either need to be legalized, or the Apostille marks will suffice. In addition, in each country the order of legalization differs: if in one state a document can be demanded with its translation, then in another country it will first be necessary to legalize the document and only then to make a translation. The procedure has a lot of legal subtleties. Therefore, it is advisable to entrust it to experienced lawyers.

Assistance in legalization of legal documents

The specialists of our company will clarify all legal issues related to the use and legalization of documents issued in a foreign country. We are ready to provide qualified assistance in conducting the legalization procedure in the shortest possible time, that will save your time. Our specialists offer the service of legalization:
  • Citizens of the Russian Federation - for presenting documents to foreign bodies and institutions;
  • For foreign citizens - to use documents in the Russian Federation.
If specialists from the company "Your Lawyer" are taking over the business, you will not have to worry about any possible difficulties. Specialists of the legal center carry out legalization of documents only by lawful methods. As a result, the client receives the finished document on hand.

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