Additional Services

Legal services: professional assistance in all aspects of the current legislation

Contrary to popular opinion, the range of legal services includes not only consultation and representation in court. The list of services, which includes additional services of a law firm, is quite wide, and extends not only to procedural, criminal or civil law. Specialists of "Your Lawyer" - experts in the field of trade, family, intellectual, administrative and other areas of law, will help in difficult situations, help correctly and reasonably defend and state their rights in disputed situations.

Additional services of lawyers in various areas of law

Lawyers of Legal center "Your Lawyer" will help you to navigate quickly in any situation and take the only right decision. The list of services includes the following types of legal and related assistance:
  1. legal advice for individuals and legal entities:
    • clarification of legal norms in any field of law, with the provision of written explanations;
    • assistance in preparing requests and requirements.
  2. preparation and preparation of claims:
    • consulting interview;
    • analysis of the available documentary base and identification of the required package of documents;
    • drawing up a claim and justification for it, sending it to the addressee and / or the relevant authority
  3. expert analysis and drafting of an expert opinion in various areas of law;
  4. registration of a trademark with the preparation and collection of the required package of documents, mandatory verification of uniqueness in Rospatent, filing an application and obtaining a registered trademark;
  5. Legalization of documents to foreign states;
  6. Translation of documents of any category of complexity and subject matter, support of lawyers and linguists in their notarization;
  7. legal support in all state structures:
    • accompanying a specialist for resolving issues of state funding and subsidies;
    • assistance in agreeing on the authorization to conduct state-level transactions in government.

Additional legal services - qualitatively new opportunities for you

The additional services of the lawyers of "Your Lawyer" legal center are aimed at obtaining comprehensive professional assistance in any disputable and difficult situations. Using the services of our specialists, you will be able to ensure your legal security, achieve the protection of interests and the observance of your rights, integrate your business into the legal field.

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