Restoration of Accounting


“Your Lawyer” legal group provides services to enterprises and organizations that carry on business on the basis of various forms of ownership: individual entrepreneurs, LLC, LLP andJSC. Restoration of accounting of enterprises for the entire period of existence or for the certain period of time is one of the basic types of our services.

Errors result in penalties

Incorrect accounting leads to misrepresentation of information regarding activities of the entire enterprise, and may affect periodic reporting to be provided to regulatory agencies: to tax inspectorate, social security funds, pension fund. The representatives of these bodies identify discrepancies of actual data with figures in the accounting during scheduled reviews. All this leads to fines and penalties.

Reasons for incorrect accounting

Large companied and corporations strictly monitor the status of accounting in its organizations and bar from such situations, but there are many enterprises where accounting leaves much to be desired. What are the reasons of it? Here are a few:
  1. Incompetence of accountants, poor knowledge of 1C software instruments.
  2. Distortions or errors in the supporting documents, incorrect posting of data in 1C forms.
  3. Out-of-time completion of accountable forms.
  4. Lack of adequate supervision by management.
“Your Lawyer”group includes professionals in their field, and they will help to keep track of accountancy in line with all the accounting and law (legal) requirements and standards, and will execute competent restoration of accounting:
  • Will identify promptly accounting problems at the enterprise.
  • Will bring in balance the supporting documents.
  • Will mitigate misstatements in reports that result in fines.
The range of services also includes the organizations training for the conducting of scheduled reviews by the regulatory agencies, consultations of managers and accountants regarding the proper record keeping, an explanation concerning the use of 1C “Accounting”software.

Our group’s proposals

During the work our specialists can restore the accounting at the enterprise for a determined period of time assigned by the customer, and also, in whole, restore the accountingfor the period of 1 year, 9 or 6 months and a separate quarter.

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