Accounting Services Organization

Among small businesses and private entrepreneurs, it has long been common practice to work with an accountant who is not in the state, but maintains the accounting records of legal entities. And it is very convenient and profitable. If the staff of the company is very small, it is not profitable for its owner to maintain a permanent accountant. The salary of a graduate with experience and good recommendations is quite high, and it is very dangerous to trust the calculation of salaries to employees and keeping accounts to anyone. The legal center "Your Lawyer" is ready to provide advice to each legal entity and provide accounting services at your enterprise.
Functions that a payroll accountant from the legal center "Your Lawyer" can perform:
  • Calculation for the center of employment of the average salary and preparation of the corresponding certificates, correct registration of data from personal accounts of workers for any state and private structures (including certificates of income for banks);
  • Calculation of the salary of workers in production, depending on the schedules and conditions of work, tracking changes in legislation in the calculation and payment of wages.
Services from "Your Lawyer" are available to a very large number of entrepreneurs, since the cost of calculating the salary of employees and maintaining accounting records is optimal. A professional accountant, a company employee, will easily sort out accounting documents, no matter what state they are in. Even if you are just starting your business, we will always help you to keep it, without violating the laws. The staff of the company "Your Lawyer" consists of the best lawyers and accountants of Moscow. Contact us for an initial consultation, and you will see in practice all the advantages of cooperation with the legal center "Your Lawyer".

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