Accounting and Tax Reporting

Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reporting is one of the most important tasks that arises before every owner of his own company. Firstly, it is a taxpayer's obligation, which is established at the legislative level. And non-observance of laws leads to unpleasant and deplorable consequences. In addition, knowing all the financial transactions within your company, it is much easier to adjust the management of it.

Preparation of accounting and tax reporting: how is it done?

Tax reporting is prepared and sent out every quarter and at the end of the reporting year. There are some types of taxes that need monthly reporting. Do not think that if only a few days have passed since the functioning of your company, and the organization has not been engaged in active affairs at all, then the duty to file tax returns from you is lifted if the time has come for it. Law is law. But the collection, preparation and delivery of tax documentation may vary by the number of documents depending on the specific conditions. It all depends on what activity the company is engaged in and the chosen taxation regime, which the head of the organization preferred. Therefore, organizations on the main system have a much larger list of required documents thanthe companies with a simplified taxation regime. Preparation and submission of accounting reports to the tax is made every quarter. This most quarterly reporting consists of the following documents:
  • reporting on USN 6 percent and USN 10 percent;
  • documentation on the general schedule of taxation;
  • reporting on UTII;
  • reporting papers to off-budget funds.
The deadline for submitting annual financial statements to the tax is, oddly enough, a year.

Services of our organization for preparation, adjustment and delivery of reports.

In order to prepare both types of reportingproperly and surrender ittimely, you need to have not only profile knowledge and skills. In addition, it also requires a good legal background in the financial matters of specific legislation. If the accountant does not follow the new standards in the field of filling in and filing the relevant documentation, he will do the same job many times. And only one accountant is unlikely to cope with such a volume of work. What is to be done in this situation? Just entrust us the work of preparing and submitting the relevant documentation for your organization's affairs. If you use the services of our specialists, you will forget about such a long and laborious work as the compilation and collection of all relevant documentationforever. If you want to be convinced of the veracity of our words, then safely use the services of our company!

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