Accounting and Legal Services


"Your Lawyer" is a legal center, where you will be provided with professional assistance in the management of private business. Qualified specialists will help you to understand complex issues of accounting and tax legislation.

We will show you how to keep the accounting correctly.

The creation of a profitable enterprise assumes that its manager will keep accounting independently and store the whole package of reports and documents. We will help in registraion of the legal entity and organization of its work without loss from the tax system. With the help of experienced lawyers, you will be able to keep accounting of individual entrepreneurs (IE) yourselffrom the ground up, avoid problems with the tax inspection and make a big profit by complying with all the norms of the current legislation.

Consulting on the conduct of self-accounting, we will explain:

  • the impact of taxlegislation on work and reporting;
  • rules for submitting financial reports to the tax inspection;
  • details of preparation of financial reports and other documentation;
  • Information on taxation on the type of economic activity of your enterprise;
  • how to protect yourself from paying high taxes and fines.

With us, keeping records and auditing is no longer a problem

Self-management of accounting IE and LLC requires the attention from the head of a company. We will help you conduct your business without errors and avoid penalties for violation of accounting rules. During the legal consultation you will get the opportunity to:
  • choose the correct taxation regime;
  • choose a profitable type of economic activity;
  • create an appropriate reporting system;
  • enrollemployeescorrectly;
  • learn to keep a record of economic activities;
  • calculate profits and losses, enter them into the documentation.
In the legal center "Your Lawyer" you will receive qualified assistance at an affordable price and will be able to conduct business, to which it will be impossible to find a fault.

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