Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting Outsourcing

Outsourcing of accounting and legal services in Moscow and Russia is becoming an increasingly popular service.

About outsourcing

What is meant by accounting outsourcing? What is the cost of outsourcing accounting services in Moscow and other Russian regions? These are issues that arise with stakeholders. Outsourcing involves the involvement of external experts to carry out financial activities in newly established and existing companies. Provision of accounting services to legal entities is carried out by specialized companies / centers. Advantages of outsourcing:
  • material savings due to the lack of the need to maintain a staff of accountants, which is especially important in the context of the economic crisis;
  • the ability to reduce financial risks (avoiding penalties, fines, and other penalties from controlling bodies);
  • no need to pay sick leave, regular holidays, etc .;
  • the possibility of refusing to keep the office premises;
  • high level of training of the involved specialists;
  • the ability to concentrate the company's existing resources on core business.
Prices for outsourcing of accounting services in Russia are different, and depend on a number of factors, including the number of outsourcers, the volume of services they provide, and so on. As for the prices for accounting services in Moscow, there is no unambiguous answer. For example, depending on the number of transactions an average price is 5000 rubles, and if such transactions are committed more than a hundred, then usually the price is negotiable.

Make the right choice

If the management of the company is interested in outsourcing, then it is enough to apply to the accounting center, such as Your Lawyer legal center, to conclude an agreement. The center has been operating since the middle of the 1990 and has established itself as a reliable partner, and its employees are highly qualified specialists in the field of law and finance. Services that the Center is ready to offer to its potential customers:
  • organization of accounting documents;
  • maintaining business and cash logs;
  • calculation of wages;
  • preparation of tax reports;
  • preparation of information in the PFR and in off-budget funds;
  • work with various financial statements, etc.
The cost of accounting services for LLCs and other legal entities is quite affordable, a specific amount is calculated at the conclusion of the contract. YourLawyer is the right choice!

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